What is oil Cleansing and why is it important?

What is oil Cleansing and why is it important?


Oil cleansing has made its way to the forefront of many skin care regimes. What do you mean, no foaming cleansers? Is oil cleansing going to make my skin oilier? Customers frequently ask these questions.

What exactly is oil cleansing?

Oil is obsessed with oil! Oil cleansing is a method of deep cleansing your skin without removing all of the necessary moisture. Oil washing may sound intimidating, but it is effective at removing grime, oil, pollutants, makeup, and sunscreen. Cleansing Oil attracts all of these blocking substances and aids in their removal from your skin!


Why is it significant? 

  We usually don't take into account all of the things with which our skin  comes into contact on a daily basis. Even if we aren't wearing makeup, environmental pollution, dust, dirt, and allergies remain on our skin all day. Someone's single cleansing is simply insufficient. You wouldn't get in the shower while wearing your clothing, would you? The same is true for your face.

How does oil cleansing work on your skin?

The primary concept behind slathering oils on your skin in the name of cleanliness is that "like dissolves like." In other words, applying pure, nourishing oils to your skin is meant to:

  • clear out clogged pores such as blackheads and whiteheads by lifting excess sebum, the greasy substance produced by glands on your face
  • get rid of dead skin, impurities, and makeup
  • Oil is frequently used in makeup removers because it is effective at lifting oil-free, oil-based, and waterproof formulas off the face and lashes.

Traditional cleansers can irritate the face, cause excessive dryness, worsen acne, and eventually cause the skin to overproduce oil after bathing. Oil cleansing, on the other hand, can aid in skin balance and water retention. 


Our Cleansing Oil
Clarity facial oil is a two-in-one facial oil that acts as an oil cleanser and a facial oil to treat a variety of skin issues, but for the sake of this article, we will concentrate on its cleansing properties. Our Clarify Oil is suitable for all skin types and provides a daily oil-based cleansing that removes makeup and dissolves impurities while maintaining the acid mantle of your skin. This unique oil blend contains natural antibacterial qualities.


How To Wash Your Face With Oil Cleanser

  1. Pour roughly a quarter-size amount of the oil blend onto your hand in the shower or at the bathroom sink and massage into the skin on your face (do not wet skin first).
  2. Allow this to be a mild facial massage by using smooth circular strokes. Massage for at least a minute (two minutes is preferable) or until the oil has completely saturated your skin. This will also efficiently remove make-up, so there is no need to remove make-up beforehand. You may even leave the oil on your skin for up to 10 minutes to thoroughly clear your pores.
  3. Soak a clean washcloth in very hot tap water (or shower water) until totally saturated, then wring it out quickly. Place it over your face and open it. This will generate steam against the skin, removing any oils and pollutants. Allow the washcloth to stay on for approximately a minute, or until it cools.
  4. Repeat with the other side of the washcloth if necessary, and then carefully remove any residual oil using the washcloth's corners. A tiny film of oil will remain on the skin, which is healthy.

It is natural for the skin to acclimatize for a week or so, and you may notice more oily skin or breakouts during this period as contaminants leave the skin. If you can, avoid using harsh soaps or facial cleansers at this time because it will prolong the transition period.

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