About Us


Who is bare skknn?

Bare Skknn believes in empowering people of color while encouraging them to be their authentic selves in a world full of imposters, daring to be bold and genuine in whatever products we create, and ensuring that we are pushing skincare boundaries currently occurring to create the best yet authentic skincare for melanated people of color.

Which key components are included in these products?

Natural ingredients, vegan, Trinidad & Tobago -made, Multicultural, Tropical Twist and skin-effective.

Bare skknn's  Values:

We are a skincare company devoted to transforming the way that people of color care for their skin. We are committed to providing quality, naturally-based skincare products that you can feel good about using without harmful chemicals or animal testing.

What bare skknn Offers:

Bare Skknn Beauty offers both men and women the opportunity to try high-quality, all-natural skin care products. Introducing radiant healthy skin care that moisturizes, heals, and softens the skin.

Here at bare skknn, we create products in small batches on the Caribbean island of Trinidad. Each product is made with love and good intentions, using locally and imported, ethically sourced, sustainable, and effective ingredients. Our bath and body products are vitamin-rich and formulated with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, as well as vitamins that work to heal, soothe, and keep your skin healthy, smooth, and hydrated. In the year 2020, bare skknn was founded.

We take satisfaction in developing products that naturally enhance and/or support the skin's healthy shine. Each of our items is designed to improve your skin's vibrations, promote self-love, and strengthen your natural self.

Consciously Formulated

We formulate consciously, our development process is rigorous, and we never compromise in our pursuit of high potency yet gentle skincare that offers actual results.

Parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), mineral oil, petrolatum, paraffin, diethanolamine (DEA), polyethylene beads, and animal components are not used in our products (except cruelty-free honey & beeswax). Our  formulas are also vegetarian.

Our Mission:

At Bare Skknn, our mission is to empower and celebrate natural beauty in every shade. We strive to create premium, organic, and plant-based skincare products that cater specifically to the unique needs of people of colour. Our aim is to provide an effective and holistic approach to skincare that inspires confidence and enhances the natural beauty of our customers.

Our vision at Bare Skknn is to become the leading natural skincare brand for people of colour in the Caribbean and beyond. We envision a world where everyone, regardless of skin colour, is able to embrace their natural beauty with confidence and pride. We are committed to continually innovating and improving our products, while staying true to our values of sustainability, inclusivity, and social responsibility.